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Marietta Grant  country United States of America country reside in Fort Worth Texas a native of Chicago Illinois 

Singer songwriter new release single Title 

I AM Me  Oct 3,2020  & New single That’s Why December 23,2020 Marietta passion for music was discovered after listening to smooth operator by Musician Singer Sade 


Marietta Grant an American Artist Chicago native currently reside in Texas. October 3,2020 Release new single title I AM Me a vibe upbeat track Thats inspirational. January 25,2021 Release new single Thats Why an amazing love song Thats pours her heart out love is in the air with this Hot track. Marietta was discovered the passion of music after listening to Musical Artist Sade “Smooth Operator” Marietta is very willing to become an successful R&B artist to provide help to the less fortunate

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